HR Audit

Determine the improvable areas and standardize it. Can HR better measure the effectiveness of its functions and programs? Yes, Conduct HR Audit.

The purpose of the HR Audit is to identify the areas of strength and weakness in an existing HR functions and where improvements may be needed. Conducting an audit involves a review of current practices, policies, and procedures, and may include benchmarking against organizations of similar size and/or industry. Areas that should be audited include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliances
  • Record-keeping (personnel files, applications, etc.)
  • Compensations
  • Attendance & Leaves
  • Employee relations
  • Performance appraisal system
  • Policies and procedures/employee handbook
  • Terminations
  • Health, safety and security

Why Aster HR for HR Audit

  • We consistently study the latest trends in HR practices to improve the quality of your existing HR functions.
  • We thoroughly analyze your operations with regards to its various activities, scope of work, areas of operation, employee strength, contractors and vendor’s management, etc.
  • We discuss and suggest you the best practices in HR which suits for your business
  • We create and submit reports regarding the status of your needs.

To learn more about how our Aster HR audit services can serve your business initiatives, give us a call!