About Us

Aster HR – Payroll & Recruitment

Aster HR Solutions and Services is a professionally managed HR outsourcing and Recruitment Based company in IT/ITES/ Non IT Fields. We are the fastest growing and the most innovative human resources consulting firm based at Chennai, India. We provide comprehensive, intensive and unstoppable services in the areas of providing Payroll, Statutory Compliance, HR Audit & Recruitment to different start ups, Small Size and Mid Size Companies in India.

Aster HR strives to reduce clients work load by captivating the core HR activity out and helping them to concentrate more on their business activity, thereby increasing the business and profitability.

“Concentrate on the Core and leave the rest to us”

Pay slip Processed every month
Payroll Processors & global payroll consultancy
5to10,000 Working with us from pahrma
indian states & union territories

Our Mission

Our Mission (Aster HR) starts the journey towards Powering Organizations and Empowering People. We help organizations transform their people from being Intangible to tangible innovators. Our Motto is to:

  • Build an Incredible foundation that sparks, attracts, develops, excites and retains extraordinary talent.
  • Help businesses to stand on the peak of Profitability, Quality and Productivity by capitalizing their human capital.

Our Vision

A – Ambitious, S – Stability, T – Transparency, E – Energetic, R – Revolution. These Five Mantras are the bricks of “A S T E R”

Aster will strive “To be a Leader, To Shape a Leader” for Organization and Human Resource on Innovations.